Episode 66: Make Total Destroy, and Bring us the Champagne

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Rydra & Bellamy terrorize the virtual airwaves with news from the
Bay Area’s rioting and looting and general displeasure with civilization
and they discuss the Hikkikimori phenomena in Japan, the “Rainbow
Girls” continuous thefts of high end stores in San Francisco, a cop
losing his job in Monterey for not tasing a suicidal man, Duke Energy up
to their old tricks of dumping tons of industrial waste into North
Carolina rivers, the ongoing horror show that is Fukushima, the Milgram
experiment, and the report on the CIA’s torture methods(surprise they
are creeps).

2 Replies to “Episode 66: Make Total Destroy, and Bring us the Champagne

  1. Two things…

    Can you repeat what’s this pig social media site(s) you’ve talked about? Didn’t catch the name.

    On Milgram’S study:

    – a few years ago the experiment was re-created somewhere at a California university, reproducing the same experimental conditions. Results were pretty much the same, almost identical…


    – in the former study, test subjects who made the highest scores in terms of sadism in these experiments were workers/volunteers from the nonprofit/charities sector. Yep! Given my past experience with nonprofit bureaucrats, I wasn’t very surprised by these results. Their whole sense of moral high-ground emerging from the socio-democratic “social justice” paradigm makes them into sick, manipulative, hypocrite fucks, perhaps even more than priests, or just the same.

    I was introduced to Milgram’s works during my unversity studies, by an old hippie informal anarchist teacher. I didn’t like his classes much back in the days, but afterwards I was never enough thankful for his teaching the masses about the Milgram experiment, and more widely on the dynamics of authoritarian relationships. In a later class (that was back in the year 2000), he did the all-out prediction that the Western society was about to fall into total fascism mainly due to some security/terror obsession. Back then me and other classmates thought we was just being insane. We were wrong. Anyways, Milgram, is part of the essential stuff that’s been mostly left discarded in contemporary anarchist theory, and that just makes me puke of how the post-’70s writers are mostly just a bunch of leftist posers for avoiding such a tectonic subject. Of course that includes that fucking hack Chomsky.

    So I’m really really thankful that it’s FINALLY being talked about on an anarchist outlet.

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