Episode 76: Total Freedom & Anarchy: Only One Perfect -ism Away

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01:00: Rydra uses the show in place of therapy to vent about his working life; 07:40: Liberal advice on how to enjoy modern slavery; 12:20: Rydra and Bellamy give their take on the NAASN Conference last week; 22:57: “Two by Two” by Base Case from their Subway Rock Demo; 27:49: Negative aspects of NAASN – who is organizing these things?; 36:15: FRR Talks, But We Also Listen: review of Margaret Killjoy’s “Take What You Need and Compost the Rest”; 48:08: Wingnut Confessional: Language and Color; 56:51: “The Subway Could Tip Over” by Base Case from their Subway Rock Demo; 01:03:10: Shit News: The Poop Bandit and Mount Everest; 01:06:19: As the World Burns: Preventing fire through clearcuts and herbicides and Rydra’s youthful romance; 01:10:10: Sea lion pups washing ashore; Notes on Progress: Starbucks leading the anti-racist charge and SF church shows what a sanctuary it is for the homeless; 01:18:48: The Long History of Getting Ploughed: the gift mentality versus the work mentality; 01:26:53: Luddites Anonymous: the techno-optimism of years gone by


This show was brought to you by the subjective and highly questionable opinions, thoughts, and feelings of Bellamy Fitzpatrick and Rydra Wrong.

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  1. The focus of the Wingnut Confessional segment is the article ‘No One Could See The Colour Blue Until Modern Times’:

    During the segment, the FRR team refer to John Zerzan’s essay ‘Language: Origin and Meaning’, available to read in full here:

    If you’re interested in exploring the topic of language and perception further, I recommend the article ‘Giving names to aromas in Aslian languages’:

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