Episode 77: The Rage and the Fucked Sound to which We Cleave

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FRR returns with more fucking rage than ever. 
1:37: Luddites Anonymous: Theren Is No Alternative. 
14:12: Luddites Anonymous: Let’s Be Honest, You’re Stupid. 
22:50: Luddites Anonymous: The Robot Familiar
31:52: Music: “Trilateral Commission As Dinner Guests” by Omar Rodriguez-Lopez from Old Money
36:47: Wingnut Confessional: Veganism.
58:55:Wingnut Confessional: Anarchy as “the Struggle”
1:19:03: Music: “I Like Rockefellers’ First Two Albums, But After That…” by Omar Rodriguez-Lopez from Old Money
1:23:30:Venom And Vitriol: A response to John Zerzan

Tonight’s show was brought to you by the subjective, hostile, fiery, and sometimes imperfect conscious(debatable) minds of Bellamy Fitzpatrick and Rydra Wrong.



Where shit came from:






“Boycott Veganism” PDF found online



10 Replies to “Episode 77: The Rage and the Fucked Sound to which We Cleave

  1. you have a bazaar definition of veganism. veganism isn’t perfect and neither am I but I don’t see the point in supporting both agriculture and factory farms just because we currently rely on agriculture.

    I’d love to hear a discussion with FRR and Ian Smith of uncivilized animals. i tried to post a link but got flagged as spam. it’s uncivilizedanimals [dot] wordpress [dot] com

    1. Are you typing this on a computer? If so you are supporting slave labor and resource extraction. See where this argument goes. How is Veganism any different? This idea that we can abstain from the giant systems dominating us and the world seems illogical and impossible to me
      – rydra

      1. Do you feel animal liberation is worthwhile? I’m using “animal liberation” as a verb, like releasing mink, lab animals etc…

  2. I will join the CIA and torture people at black sites I guess, since I’m using a computer anyway, which required torture, slavery, and land theft to create. I guess if I use this computer, I may as well become an enhanced interrogator! I mean, what’s the diff, right?

    1. I think you may have trolled me before, on Tumblr! Nice to see you again! Maybe you know that the straw man is my favorite form of argumentation!

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