Episode 84: C.R.E.A.M: Commodities Rule Everything Around Me


Rydra and guest host Paul discuss the latest artificial intelligence developments and Google’s involvement in them, including drawing computers, and sarcastic amoral artificial intelligence. They also discuss the history of RS(Wild Reaction), RS political development, and some thoughts on convergencism, reactionary politix, and what does anarchy look like it it isn’t political.

0:00 Intro: on gay marriage, Rydra’s work drama and run-ins with unfriendly men in blue, and the appearance of a new poop bandit
15:50 Luddites Anonymous: AI drawing pictures, AI as nihilists, and what the fuck is google up to now?
31:25 Fidlar-Blackout Stout
34:30 Wingnut Confessional: On the history of Wild Reaction and their ideas
1:00:55 Pat the Bunny- Make Total Destroy
1:03:40 Wingnut Confessional: “On anti-electoralism and anarchist struggle,” Black June, convergencism, insurrectionary theory, recuperation

Wingnut Confessional:
Luddites Anonymous:

3 Replies to “Episode 84: C.R.E.A.M: Commodities Rule Everything Around Me

  1. The argument here is against the social organization of society, NOT against government. The attempt to project a society with no rules, no division of labor, no administration of tasks is not utopian. It is the consequence of self-indulgence who cannot move beyond their reflection in the mirror. Anarchism is the disputation of anything without any foundation as to what a future scenario establishes. How does water get to the spigot? How do the elderly survive without social support? Contemporary anarchism is based on anti-social behaviors and is more nihilism than anarchism. Spanish anarchists reorganized society along the lines of the ideology and the CNT reflected this. Today, it has no social base .

  2. You did see that the podcast is self-described as ‘anti-civilization,’ no? The fact is that these amenities that you’ve mentioned are created and sustained by systems of domination. Real anarchy resists even technocracy.

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