Episode 85: Hack the Planet!, Cheating, & Green Anarchism

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Rydra and Squee host Episode 85 of Free Radical Radio. They discuss recent attacks/hacks on the hardware and software of the internet, Tom Brower’s revenge, monogamy and puritan values as they exist in society and what this means for our bodies, some actions and sabotage happening in the US and Mexico, and finish off with a long and meandering discussion of Green Anarchy and what it means to take non-human organisms into your anarchy

0:00 Squee explains his outfit and Rydra talks about kids and judging people
5:00 Thoughts on Tom Brower, a democrat from Hawaii who sledgehammers homeless people’s shopping carts, getting his ass kicked
10:00 Hydro-phobic anti-pee walls in San Francisco that fight back!
11:30 AOL chat room talk and news of recent attacks on Internet fiber-optic cables in the bay
21:40 Dark Hacktivism
25:40 Ashley Madison Hack and the sanctity of monogamy
30:10 Jay Jay Plus Eye – Track 5
32:40 continuing discussion of physical bodies and ownership within society
41:00 Toyota dealership burned in Mexico and AETA allegations in Oakland
47:00 Wingnut Confessional: John Gray and Alexander Herzen on Ichtyophils and Progress
58:15 Chackles It- Desert Shark
1:00:15 Wingnut Confessional Continued- Rydra puts Squee on Trial to see if he is a green anarchist. Discussion of human and non-human relationships, artificial taxonomies, egoist green anarchy?, and what it means to consider oneself a green anarchist in a world of cities. Also, discussion of veganism and planet life that is a bit more thought out and less angry than last time I(rydra) attempted to discuss this. Rydra also explains some of the etiquette of surfing!

Resources Used:
The Silence of Animals by John Gray
dark hacktivism: http://pastebin.com/z6eBC59c

2 Replies to “Episode 85: Hack the Planet!, Cheating, & Green Anarchism

  1. I find it odd that you didn’t use this section, from the same document, which is a much more functional definition to work from and includes the basis for the “green”, ecology:

    Green Anarchism:…
    Distinctions within this category lie primarily in questions of how far back to look for understanding the destructiveness of civilization. Some would say that domestication and agriculture can be ecologically ‘sustainable’ and preferrable. Others would contend that technology itself is not an inherent problem.
    The unifying principle lies in an ecological basis and understanding of the megatechnological State as destructive.

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