FRR Audiobooks: The Unique and Its Property, Translator’s Introduction by Wolfi Landstreicher

Though obviously anyone can read this book and use it as they see fit, I made this translation first of all for my own pleasure, and secondly as a gift to other aware, willful, and rebellious self-creators as a tool and a weapon in their project of creating their lives on their own terms against all that would impose upon them.

Stirner found enjoyment in writing this.  His grin stretches across the pages and reminds all of us who rebel and create for ourselves that this is all one great, wild, joyful joke played on every “higher value,” a book intended to pull the rug out from under everything that anyone holds sacred.


Editing and Voice and Sound by J

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  1. Wish this was a readthrough/audiobook. The constant interjections by the narrators offering up their own thoughts/reactions like a sports play by play really detracts from the book and its contents, and I don’t find most of them very useful. The introduction was great, but then it all devolved from there.

    As a side note, the “oh well, gendered labor/womens work what can you do, it is what it is?” part at the beginning was pretty annoying/off putting/predictable as well…

    Anyone know if there an actual English language audiobook of the Wolfi Landstreicher version of “Der Einzige und sein Eigentum” anywhere?

    1. I think you are getting this confused with a different recording. This one is just a reading of the text proper and not a discussion podcast. Also, the person doing the audio on a different podcast(the one you are referencing with jokes about division of labor) was practicing with new equipment that she wanted to use for her own project so she was getting something out of it and if you can’t take a joke then this is probably not going to be a project that you would find much joy in listening to. As far as the actual audio the only one I’m aware of is Kevin of Underworld Amusements recordings of it as an audiobook. – rydra

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